Bill Pullman Mistakes Himself For Jeff Daniels Again

Things became awkward at the first read-through of Hulu’s Looming Towers when actor Bill Pullman once again forgot that he is not Jeff Daniels.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Pullman reportedly said as he placed down his things and sat down at the large table. “Traffic was terrible like always.” he chuckled as he looked up to roughly 20 curious actors, directors and production managers staring back at him.

“Can we help you?” confused show creator Dan Fetterman asked after an uncomfortable still took over the room.

The Casper star searched for a response as he scanned the room of baffled faces only to stop on a cringing Jeff Daniels.  “Hey! What am I doing over there?” Pullman asked before pausing, shutting his eyes, and announcing, “Oh for the love of shit, I did it again didn’t I?”  

After an awkward lull, an embarrassed Pullman then apologized, grabbed his things, walked to the door while smacking his forehead and repeating “You are not Jeff!  You are not Jeff!”

“This wasn’t the first time this happened.” Daniels later explained.  “Bill showed up to the set of Newsroom so much that we used him as a stand-in.”

Celebrities forgetting they are not other celebrities is nothing new.  In 2003 Parker Posey raised eyebrows after she walked down the aisle in full gown at Elizabeth Bank’s wedding.  When Javiar Bardem won his Oscar he accepted the award as Jeffrey Dean Morgan accepting the award on behalf of Javiar Bardem.  It is also a well-known fact that Michael Douglas raised Emilio Estevez until the age of three until a blood test proved he wasn’t Martin Sheen.

“I don’t fault him, it happens to a lot of actors.” Daniels went on to defend Pullman. “Bill Paxton showed up to the sets of both Innerspace and Dragonheart thinking he was me, so it can happen to the best of us.”  Daniels concluded as he stopped a PA and asked why the name on his trailer doesn’t say “Mr. Quaid”.