GOTCHA!- Kristen Bell Has Been Jackass’s Jason “Weeman” Acuña All Along

Recently discovered outtakes from Jackass 2 reveal TV and film sweetheart Kristen Bell has been Weeman the whole time.

The film’s producers released footage from 2003 that shows Acuña in a makeup trailer being affixed with a wig and a mask.  ”Hi I’m Weeman and this is The Audition” Acuña says to the camera. The shot then cuts to him walking into the casting office for Veronica Mars.


“We just wanted to fuck around with the Hollywood stiffs.” Explained Jackass director Jeff Tremaine. “We sure as hell didn’t expect to get a call from the casting director saying he killed it and got the part.”


“At first I was just going to fart a bunch or walk across their table naked.” Acuña laughed. “But I got nervous, fight or flight kicked in, and I did Martha’s monologue from Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.  I got a standing ovation.  We all agreed holy shit let’s see how far we can go with this!”


It appears they went plenty far.  The subsequent 4 seasons of Mars led to numerous film roles including the voice of Anna in Disney’s Frozen. 


“By this time we’re thinking OK this is nuts.  They have to catch on soon.” Acuña added. “I mean during the first Frozen recording session I sang the words ‘Do you want to build a Weeman?’  The Disney guy just laughed and said ‘Oh that’s our quirky Kristen!’”.


Perhaps the real victim of the prank is Bell’s/Weeman’s husband of nearly 5 years Dax Shepard.  Although the actor seems to be taking the revelation in stride.


“You know I always thought man, my wife is so much fun.  Like I thought it was so cool Kristen was friends with [Johnny] Knoxville and Steve-o.  They’d come over and we’d all hit each other in the nads and Kristen would pretend she had nads and we’d hit her in the nads too and we would just laugh and laugh.”  Shepard reflected. “I can’t even be mad though. They got me good. Especially the whole 3 kids thing. Not sure how they pulled that off. Respect.”


Weeman can be currently be seen in the documentary Dumb and this fall on season 3 of The Good Place.