Man Foolishly Optimistic About Attending First Improv Comedy Show

In an act of complete buffoonery, Brian Sanders, 34, has cluelessly declared his excitement to attend a improv comedy show at the local community college. “I’ve never been to a live comedy show before, so I’m really stoked to see the magic up close.”  Sanders admitted while laying the groundwork for immense disappointment. The poor sap then babbled on with alacrity, “I read that Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, and Will Ferrell all got their start in improv, so I think I’m in for a real treat,” making it clear he is unaware of the distinction between veteran performers and level one acting students.

“I listen to comedy all the time,” he continued while testing which tie went best with his nice sport jacket. “Comedians like Pryor, Robin Williams, and Hedberg all had a lasting effect on my life,” he added, unaware of the world of hurt he’s in for when he realizes the difference between long form improv and polished stand-up.   Sanders did however exhibit a hint of insight when he revealed that he knows “..this (show) isn’t a Hollywood production or anything”, only to subsequently prove a total rube when he added, “I just don’t believe there’s such a thing as bad comedy.”